Can essential oils warm you up?

When cold weather hits, people wonder:

Can essential oils warm you up?

Well, yes they can.

Here are three ways I've been using my EOs to help me feel warmer...


Certain essential oils have what you might call 'deeper notes.' 

By diffusing these oils, you can add a warm and cozy sensation to your environment.

A couple of my favorite oils for this purpose are cinnamon and clove.

Applying topically...

Applying essential oils to the skin is extremely easy and common.

And with the right oils, you can support your circulation, which in turn helps you feel warmer.

It's for this very reason I've lately been applying cassia or black pepper essential oils to the bottoms of my feet.

Adding to a bath...

A warm bath is a great way to warm yourself up on a cold winter day.

When you add your favorite essential oils, the experience can become an even greater way to cope with the cold.

The oils you use in this case are really a matter of personal choice.

I really like the way lavender can help me unwind when the cold makes me tense.

So, yes...

If you too are wondering if essential oils can bring you some comfort in the cold, they surely can!

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