Dizzy Spells

Do you ever suffer from dizzy spells?

When people complain of feeling dizzy, they are actually suffering from one of two conditions: lightheadedness or vertigo.

Lightheadedness is a sensation that makes you feel faint, and sometimes nauseous. Vertigo may make you feel nauseous, too, but it also gives you the sensation that you or your surrounding area is spinning.

An occasional dizzy spell is quite a common experience. But no matter how common it may be, it's never pleasant, and knowing how to stop dizziness is something worth knowing, not only for yourself, but to help someone you care about.

What Causes Dizziness?

Dizzy spells can occur for many reasons. These include. . .

  • dehydration
  • standing up too quickly
  • low blood pressure (often caused by medication)
  • loss of blood
  • chronic illness
  • inner ear problems (such as fluid buildup or Miniere's Disease
  • low blood sugar
  • hyperventilation (often because of anxiety)
  • pregnancy
  • consumption of alcohol or drugs

Most of the time dizzy spells pass quickly, but because this may indicate a serious problem, prolonged periods of dizziness or incidences of sudden dizziness are a sign you should see a doctor.

Essential Oils as a Remedy for Dizziness

People often think that there is nothing you can do to stop dizziness, but I've found essential oils to be an excellent way to help manage dizzy spells.

When I feel dizzy, there are three ways I typically use essential oils to help clear my head and get my bearings.

  1. I put frankincense in the palms of my hands and press them on the flap of skin that's in front of the opening of the ears (call the Tragus).

  2. I rub peppermint into the back of my neck, shoulders, and forehead.

  3. If there is nausea, I apply ginger or patchouli over the stomach and behind the ears and then add some peppermint over the top.

Each of these applications have been extremely effective for me and my family.

Others have also been helped by using cedarwood or the blend Aroma Life.

Whenever someone at our house says, “I feel dizzy,” it's satisfying to know that with my essential oils there is something I can do to help bring relief.

Because dizziness and nausea often go together, you may also want to read the page that discusses how to use essential oils for nausea.

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