Earache Remedy

Many are surprised to learn that essential oils can serve as a very effective earache remedy.  But it's true.  We have found this to be so many times – even when there is an ear infection involved essential oils can help.

Of course, this is a case where you especially want to be sure and only use therapeutic grade essential oils (as opposed to the kind typically found in a health food store). 

And, when we talk about using essential oils as an earache remedy, you want to remember to never put essential oils directly in the ear canal.

Earaches can arise for different reasons.  Sometimes they result from fluid pressure in the ear due to the common cold.  Allergies can cause earaches as well.  The most painful earaches are usually those that come from an ear infection.

Essential Oils for Earaches

There are a number of single oils and blends that can serve well to support the body when confronted with an earache.  

These include. . .

  • Melrose

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme

  • Tea Tree

  • Peppermint

  • Purification

  • PanAway

  • Wintergreen

Thieves can also be a good choice for supporting the immune response when there is an ear infection.

Applying Oils for Earaches

There are a few different ways to apply essential oils when using them as an earache remedy.

Dilute 2-3 drops of essential oil (50-50) with warm olive oil.  Swab the area around the opening of the ear, the outside part of the ear, and the ear lobe.

Cotton Ball
Put 2-3 drops of  diluted essential oil on a piece of cotton and place it over the ear opening and leave it overnight.  Additional relief may be found applying a warm compress over the ear.

Vita Flex
Massage 1-2 drops of essential oil on the ear lobes, and on the ear Vita Flex points on the feet (the bottom of the fourth and fifth toes).

Ear Infections

Earaches caused by ear infections can be very painful.  When they affect young children, this can be very difficult – especially if the infection arises in the middle of the night.

I am very thankful that our therapeutic essential oils work as an ear infection remedy, as we have used them this way a number of times. 

Here's an example. . .

In the middle of the night our youngest son knocked on our door complaining of his ear hurting.  I could tell he was uncomfortable, so I took a look inside his hear with an otoscope we have – a great device for any family to have.  Sure enough, he had an ear infection brewing. 

By looking through the otoscope, I could see that the ear was inflamed, and gloppy looking, and the eardrum was dull in appearance (instead of the healthy shiny look it has when healthy).  I knew this boy needed attention, so my husband and I got busy applying different oils.

We tried several of the different oils mentioned above, using all three of the different application methods.  At first he did not seem to be getting any relief.

But we kept trying different oils, and finally we found that lavender, and then Thieves seemed to turn things for the better. 

It's good to remember that sometimes you have to try different oils, as people have different body chemistries, causing the effectiveness of certain oils to vary from person to person. (With another son, it was Melrose that seemed to knock out the ear infection.) 

Eventually, we virtually always find an oil that works.

That's what happened here.  We worked with him for about an hour and a half until we found the oils that brought relief.  Then he was able to go to sleep – with some additional help from the oil Rutavala.  In the morning he felt much better, and the ear, while not yet perfect, had cleared up considerably.

Remember, never put essential oils directly in the ear canal.  And, if an earache persists, get the medical advice you need.

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