Essential Oils for Acne

Essential oils for acne can meet a real need. That's because natural acne remedies are in big demand as people try to avoid the use of harmful chemicals and prescription drugs to address this common problem.

Although acne often has its onset during puberty, it can be troublesome for people of all ages.

Acne arises from excess dirt and oil in the follicles of the skin. Hormone imbalances, stress, diet, and greasy makeup can all contribute to acne.

Essential oils for acne can be powerfully effective because of their ability to clean pores and help maintain healthy skin. Along with the use of quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, it is also wise to implement a few other sensible practices to clear up acne.

Tips for Clearing Up Acne

  • Get plenty of exercise, fresh air, and good water to help rid the body of toxins.
  • Eliminate dairy products, fried foods, sugar, and chemical additives from the diet.
  • Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, tea, and chocolate.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables.
  • Avoid makeup and chlorinated water.
  • Keep your face clean with a mild soap and clean wash cloth.
  • Taking Vitamin A may help.

In combination with these tips, essential oils can serve as an excellent home remedy for common acne.

There are a number of different essential oils that many find effective.

Tea tree oil is often used for acne, and this is a good choice. According to the Medical Journal of Australia, tea tree oil is equal to benzoyl peroxide in the care of acne.

To apply tea tree oil, gently massage a few drops in the problem area one to three times a day. Then alternate with another oil daily for the best results.

A good oil to alternate with tea tree oil would be geranium, because of its properties that help maintain the health of the skin.

Other possibilities would be vetiver, patchouli, German or Roman chamomile, rosewood, cedarwood, eucalyptus radiata, or orange.

A couple of my favorite oils for acne are blends called purification and melrose.

When acne has become infected, clove can be very supportive to the skin. And to address any scarring concerns, the old standby lavender is good to use.

As with any application of essential oils, I only recommend using those that are pure, therapeutic-grade.

Among natural acne remedies, we have found essential oils to bring excellent results. Consequently, we always turn to essential oils for acne, and encourage others to do the same.

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