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Dear Friend,

As a Certified Health Coach I help women make the changes needed to live out their dreams.

A lot of this has to do with helping mothers who have spent years pouring their lives into their families know what to focus on now... and then create habits for reaching their new goals.

… But this isn't the most valuable thing I do.

The most worthwhile thing I do is help women get 'unstuck.'

The Biggest Obstacle to Living Your Dreams

Most people already have some hopes and dreams about their future.

And they've even made attempts to move in the direction of those dreams.

The problem is... they're stuck.

And no matter how hard they try, they can't move forward and make the kind of life-altering changes they really want to experience.

The combination of fatigue... disappointment... old wounds... and long-ingrained habits... is just too much...

… and getting free to regain a life that's full of energy, purpose and joy seems impossible.

But here's the good news...

Freedom is Within Reach 

And personal transformation can come quickly and easily too.

I've seen it happen... repeatedly... as I've led my clients through a unique process that uses the aroma of essential oils to address the issues and overcome the obstacles that are holding them back.

The process itself uses what's known as the Aroma Freedom Technique -- or AFT for short.

This remarkable, simple method helps people experience major breakthroughs... so they can finally start living the kind of life they know they're capable of... but have been unable to so far.

And, what's really amazing... is how clients can put to rest baggage they've been burdened with for years -- sometimes in just one session.

... It's wonderful to watch the kind of relief and hope this brings!

And... as burdens are released and barriers are overcome... these clients are able to enjoy the kind of life -- with all its richness -- that they've been dreaming about!

What Others are Saying

Sound too good to be true?

Well, see what a few of my past clients have said...

AFT is an amazing process that has helped me to overcome roadblocks and launch me toward more positive outcomes and goals.  Laura has compassionately and wisely led me through AFT to overcome my negativity toward people close to me, recover from past pain, and move past obstacles in my business.  Laura listens intently and is able to shine a light on places of confusion, pain or frustration, and then paves the way to freedom, peace and positive action.  I am very thankful for her influence and experience in my life through AFT.

~ Briana H. from Michigan

My AFT session with Laura was just what I needed. She helped me see what was holding me back from accomplishing some goals I had. I left the session feeling empowered, capable, and worthy of loosing the 10 pounds that I had been wanting to loose for the past 3 years. And I'm happy to say I reached my goal and continue to practice the things I learned from Laura. I believe everyone can benefit from AFT, and having Laura along side to support and encourage just enhances the experience. She is the real deal. She is filled with compassion for others and is committed to helping others find a better quality of life through AFT and essential oils. Not only are you getting a coach in Laura, you're getting a friend. Thanks Laura!

~ Heather J. from California

I want to let folks know that the Aroma Freedom Technique is amazingly powerful and quick. I had a session with Laura Bostrom and have noticed significant changes since then. The oils truly are effective.  I was working on my beliefs around finances, and since then my income has gone up significantly! Yay!

~ Sarah B. from Florida

Now, you may be wondering...

How is it that simple aromas from essential oils can bring about such incredible results?

Well, for one... these clients – and others I work with – are eager for change.

They're tired of the status quo... and want to be cut loose from what's holding them back once and for all... so they can get on with living the kind of life they know is possible.

The other thing is that the aroma of essential oils is powerfully effective.

I know... overcoming lifelong barriers with smells may seem unbelievable--and maybe a little strange--but there is a scientific reason why this works...

It has to do with the fact the tiny size of essential oil molecules makes it possible for them to tap into the section of the brain that deals with memories and emotions like nothing else!

And this makes the process I use entirely different.

Why this Works So Well

You see... most coaching has no real way to set people free from the things that really hold them back...

So no matter how good the goals are... and how motivating the coach might be... the client remains stuck... and unable to achieve any lasting change.

But with this approach... using the aroma of essential oils... it's possible to get right at the root of what has kept you down for years...

… And bring about freedom and change at the deepest level of your being.

There's really nothing like it...

Thanks to the special and unique properties of essential oils!

So... if you're tired of being trapped in the same old patterns... and are ready to move forward with the positive changes you've envisioned for yourself... there's a way to make it happen!!

Sound good?

Then let me give you all the details of what I'm offering you today...

About Your Coach

I'm Laura, and a mom of six boys. I help women live the kind of lives they were designed to live.

I first did this for over 20 years as a pastor's wife. And, more recently I've had a rewarding time helping women become who they're meant to be through my work as a Certified Health Coach and Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner. And, I actually had the privilege of being personally trained by Dr. Benjamin Perkus, the developer of AFT.

What Sets My Approach Apart

I believe the key to helping most women live the kind of lives they're capable of living is simple: it's to get them out from under the burdens that are holding them back. Without this step, attaining goals is just about impossible—no matter how hard you push toward them.

Through my time in ministry, I gained a lot of experience as a listener. When you combine this with my skills as a health coach and AFT practitioner, I'm able to help my clients identify the root issues that are holding them back, and then take them through steps to overcome them.

Once they achieve freedom in these areas, they are then able to move ahead with their lives... as they are energized by a renewed hope and vision for the future.

This approach works to overcome all kinds of barriers.

Even traumatic ones. And it doesn't matter if they've been standing in your way for years.

Plus... the aromas used are so effective you can resolve issues quickly, allowing you to make changes fast.

Imagine what that could mean for you... and the positive changes it could bring!

What You Get When You Join Today

*Access to the Entire Four Week 'Free to Live Your Purpose' Program*

Which Includes:

WEEK 1...

Introduction, Orientation, and Preparation for a Successful 'Free to Live Your Purpose' Program Experience

WEEK 2...

Finding Freedom from the Past (AFT Session and Supplementary Material)

WEEK 3...

Maintaining a New Disposition (AFT Session and Supplementary Material)

WEEK 4...

Entering the Future with Hope and Joy (AFT Session and Supplementary Material)

(Note: Themes of weekly sessions may be modified to best meet the needs of individual clients)

The program ALSO includes:

* Quality Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils... to be used during personal sessions.

* Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group... to share accountability, feedback, and camaraderie among others in the program.

* Ongoing opportunities for Q and A... to help you consistently apply what you are discovering as we go through the program.

* Personalized Worksheets... so you can track and solidify your progress.

* Added Bonuses... to help you establish new habits that will equip you to fulfill your life's purpose.

This Offer is for You if...

*You consistently fall short in your efforts to make important changes in your life—no matter how hard you seem to try.

* You struggle with a sense of futility or a 'what's the use' attitude about your future--even though you have years of life ahead of you.

* You're tired of being stuck where you are and are ready to move forward.

* You want more than just goal setting and motivational help -- you're eager to overcome the root issues that keep you stuck.

*You could use some help discovering 'what's next' for your life.

* You want to be freed up to use your gifts at their fullest potential.

* You feel haunted or trapped by bad memories, negative emotions or regrets.

* You need a renewed sense of hope, joy and purpose.

* You want to overcome the 'inner resistance' that keeps you from pursuing worthwhile goals and ideas.

* You're worried that emotional issues are taking a toll on your health and keeping you from the kind of well-being you could be experiencing.

* You're afraid that if you don't find freedom from the things that hold you back soon, it may never happen.

* You feel isolated, and don't want to miss out on the life you could be living and enjoying with your family and friends.

The Price

Because of the high level of personal attention, this program will eventually cost more than it is does now. And the reality is, this will still be a small price to pay to overcome your personal barriers and get the freedom you need to fully live out your life's purpose.

But the good news is... for this go around I'm offering a special early bird price to participate in the program.

This means you get access for just $397.

Or, three monthly payments of $157... if that works out better for you.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I really enjoy my Family Essential Oils community, and as a way of saying thanks I want to offer this life-changing program at a discount.

And this isn't a fake discount either. Because there's only so much of me to go around for one-on-one sessions, the price will have to go up.

I don't know now exactly what that increase will be, but my husband tells me due to the demands on my time it just has to go up. So this really is a good offer.

There is a catch though...

It's limited to the first 8 people who take action.

I'm only taking 8 because I want to ensure I give you plenty of attention.

What to Do Now

If you're ready to secure one of the 8 spots for this discounted offer, you can pay here for $397...

Or here for 3 payments of $157...

Once you've paid... please send me a PM on Facebook and introduce yourself if I don't already know you. Either way, I'll let you know the next step as we get you what you need to start the program.

If I don't respond to you right away, no need to fret. I might be busy helping someone else. Or, if you live on the other side of the world, I might be sleeping! In any case, we'll be chatting soon.

Some Questions You May Have

*Will I have everything I need for the program?

Yes, you will be provided with everything you'll need. There's nothing else to buy, and I'll send you the oils for our sessions.

* Is the process of addressing buried issues easy to deal with?

Definitely. While it can stir up emotions, it is not traumatic at all. Most clients describe the process as incredibly relieving, and it usually leads to much joy.

*Will you be having this program again?

I plan on it... but it will not be at this same price. And, something to keep in mind... it's better to free yourself of the frustration that comes from not living up to your potential sooner rather than later!

If you have any other questions you'd like answered, then please don't hesitate to contact me, via PM on Facebook or reply to one of the emails I've sent you. It would be my pleasure to help you decide if this offer is right for you. 

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Remember, there are only 8 spots available at this price, and it's first come first serve.