How to Stop Excessive Sweating

Knowing how to stop excessive sweating is an important question for those afflicted with hyperhydrosis, which is the scientific term for the problem of excessive sweating or perspiration.

Typically, when people suffer from this problem, it will involve the palms, feet, face, or armpits.

Some sweating is healthy and necessary because it's the body's normal way of releasing toxins. Excessive sweating, however, can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. It may also indicate an underlying health issue.

One typical cause of excess sweating is menopause. Emotional stress and extreme temperatures can also be a common cause of excess sweating.

And, there are some who seem to inherit a nervous system that is prone to excess perspiration. Unfortunately, those who seem to have received these “sweat genes” will deal with the problem for life, depending on the circumstances at any given time.

Excess perspiration can be difficult to address. Various antiperspirants are often the first line of defense. These usually contain aluminum salts which function by blocking the ducts of sweat glands. More extreme measures range from medications to botox to surgery.

Sweating and Sage

Fortunately, there are some natural methods that help with excessive perspiration. These include diet, exercise, vitamin B complex, and stress management.

On top of these, though, is a natural approach that I've found extremely effective – therapeutic sage oil.

Sage has been known to strengthen the body's metabolism and glandular function. In the past, sage was often used to treat people with night sweats. Today, sage continues to have a good reputation for getting excessive perspiration under control.

The reason why sage is effective is because its constituents have a normalizing effect on both the sweat glands and the nervous system.

I've certainly found sage oil to be extremely helpful to relieve excessive sweating. And it's simple to apply. All I do is take a vegetable capsule, add 7–10 drops of my therapeutic essential oil of sage, and top of the rest with a carrier oil (olive oil does just fine). Then I swallow one of these with a little bit of food on a day when excessive sweating seems to be a problem. And it works – every time.

Studies show that fresh sage is more potent than that which is dry, and for this reason I'm glad that my collection of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils contains sage.

For me, sage has been a completely reliable way to deal with excessive sweating.

(Note: people with epilepsy and high blood pressure have been advised to avoid sage.)

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