Natural Home Remedies

Natural home remedies can be a great way to cope with the common ailments that afflict any family. And the popularity of such remedies is growing.

There are many kinds of natural remedies available. These remedies often involve the use of different foods or herbs. Combining garlic and honey, for example, is a well-known remedy for a cough. And eating an apple is known to help with constipation.

I've tried many of these kinds of common remedies – and still use them now and then – but most often I turn to my essential oils as a way to promote my well-being in the face of a particular health issue. 


Essential Oils as Natural Remedies

Therapeutic grade essential oils come in many varieties and blends, and they have the ability to address a wide variety of health concerns. 

We have a lot of experience using essential oils as natural home remedies, and continue to be amazed by the way they support the body and our overall health.

Below are some of the different ailments we've found to be helped as we've used essential oils to support the systems of the body.



Athletes Foot

Bladder Infection

Canker Sores

Cold Sores

Chicken Pox

Colds and Flus




Dizzy Spells



Excessive Sweating


Headaches and Migraines


Insect Bites

Joint Pain

Motion Sickness

Muscle Spasms

Natural Insect Repellent


Pink Eye

PMS Remedy

Restless Legs Syndrome

Sinus Congestion and Infection

Sleep Difficulties


Stress and Anxiety


Sore Throat

If there is something you are looking for that you can't find here, you may find it over on the page dealing with basic first aid.

As I continue to learn more about therapeutic-grade essential oils, I am convinced that they can serve as ideal natural remedies in the way they support overall health.

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