Patchouli... Not Just for Hippies

Several years ago a friend of mine was telling me about her life as a hippie... back in the sixties.

It was interesting for me -- a non-hippie -- to hear about her experiences.

One of the things she shared was how much she -- along with other hippies -- enjoyed patchouli.

The fact that patchouli was popular among hippies is not surprising...

It has an exotic, musky smell that seems to fit well with the hippie lifestyle...

And it's also very relaxing... and would've helped hippies to 'hang loose' and 'take it easy'... as they were fond of doing.

Now of course, relaxing isn't just for hippies.

It's something we all need... especially in our own stressful times.

And the good news is, you don't have to be a hippie to experience the calming effects of this essential oil!

It's easy, too...

You can apply the essential oil of this plant from Southeast Asia either topically or aromatically.

And, by the way... applied topically, it can be great for your skin.

And... one other thing...

Patchouli is also an important ingredient in Young Living's Di-Gize Vitality blend.

This blend is wonderful as a support for the digestive system. It's so good I never want to be without it.

So... if you thought patchouli was just for hippies, think again!

And if you're interested in getting either some patchouli or Di-Gize for yourself, you can get wholesale prices when you have your own Young Living membership account.

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