Poison Ivy Remedy

We were in need of a poison ivy remedy just a few weeks ago. My nephew was here, and a group of the boys went to play in the woods near our house.

Nobody had been there for a while, so I forgot to remind them to beware of the poison ivy.

Well, they had a great time. . . until they started itching and realized they had been crawling around in the midst of poison ivy.

Hardest hit was my son, Paul. It was time to figure out how to bring him some relief.

poison ivy

Poison Ivy Relief

If you have ever had poison ivy, you know that you want relief immediately.

Poison ivy can be quite dangerous for some people who have a strong allergic reaction, even requiring medical attention. But for most people, it's the red and sometimes blistered rash, along with intense itching that can make poison ivy so unbearable.

So, watch out for those three leaflet plants with the greenish-white flowers and berries. It would be good to know how to identify and stay away from poison oak and poison sumac, too.

People in need of a poison ivy remedy will often follow a fairly typical course.

  • They'll remove their contaminated clothing and wash the exposed areas well with soap and water, followed by rubbing alcohol.
  • They'll apply calamine lotion or something similar to the rash.
  • Or, they'll try an over the counter cortisone cream or get a prescription from a doctor for something stronger.

Poison Ivy Remedy Using Essential Oils

I always prefer as natural a remedy as possible, so I instinctively turn to my essential oils, even for something like poison ivy.

There are a number of oils that people have used when it comes to poison ivy relief. These oils include peppermint, wintergreen, Thieves, Purification, Melrose, PanAway, chamomile, and lemongrass.

When Paul got his poison ivy – which was really bad – he tried a number of these oils. Finally, it seems that the Thieves oil worked best. The Thieves that comes in the form of a waterless hand purifier seemed especially soothing.

Since an allergic reaction is involved with poison ivy, Paul also took lavender capsules -- twice a day for three days – and this brought relief to his overall system.

Another son of ours, Jordan, didn't get hit quite so hard, and Thieves oil with peppermint layered on top was very effective subduing his rash and itching, as well as keeping it from spreading.

Our experience searching for the best way to address poison ivy with essential oils brings up an important point.

Sometimes you may need to try some different oils before you find what works best. And the specific oils that work so well on one person may not work as well on another person for the same problem.

With experience, though, it seems like I've been able to regularly go to the right oil more often than not.

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