Removing Splinters

A little know-how about removing splinters certainly is useful – at least at our house.

Between working on projects or walking on deck wood, it seems like knowing how to remove a splinter is a must around here.

Fortunately, I have found a good remedy for taking care of splinters with my essential oils. 

old wood

Splinters and Essential Oils

When somebody gets a splinter at our house, we have a very simple way to address it.

We put Thieves essential oil on it. 

Thieves oil has a way of bringing wood splinters to the surface of the skin. Sometimes it works so well that you just need to flick the sliver away. Other times just a little pressure and tweezers will finish the job.

In any case, I've used Thieves for dealing slivers many, many times.

Most memorable was the time I was cleaning a wood baseboard and had a large
splinter lodge underneath my fingernail. It felt like a harpoon!

I applied a few drops of Thieves oil and after a few minutes I could actually watch the piece of wood move and work its way out. (I called my husband over to watch because I didn't think anyone would believe it and he saw it, too.)

By now, everybody in the family has seen this happen, so we don't doubt it at all.

We've seen friends helped with splinters by Thieves as well, and they are always impressed.

Splinters and Infections

One reason – besides pain – that it's important to deal with a sliver is to avoid infection.

But an added benefit to using Thieves oil for getting splinters out is that it supports the affected area to ward off infections.

There are other oils we might use to deal with any sign of infection in order to maintain healthy tissue. Those oils would be tea tree, oregano (diluted), as well as the blends Melrose and Purification.

In just about every case we've experienced, though, infection has not been an issue because the splinters come out so well.

When people first hear about essential oils for removing splinters, they are amazed. But actually, we've found that removing splinters is one of our most reliable uses for essential oils.

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