Stop Suffering from Seasonal Allergies  with Therapeutic-Grade Lavender Oil

No Need to Agonize Through Another Spring or Fall

Dear Allergy Sufferer,

With the arrival of spring and fall comes another round of misery for seasonal allergy sufferers.

This means you may be among those who are already hoping these seasons pass quickly... because you don't want to spend weeks dealing with:

  • sneezing
  • a stuffy, runny nose
  • watery, itchy eyes
  • a nagging tickle in the throat
  • and that worn out feeling allergies bring

If you've dealt with seasonal allergies much at all, you've likely tried a variety of ways to find some comfort. . .

And you've probably faced a lot of frustration, too – either because what you've tried has not helped, or because it carries undesirable or unsafe side-effects.

I can relate to what you're dealing with. . .

Not only has our family suffered from seasonal allergies for years, but we've  also tried so many of the supposed remedies that are available these days – without finding any improvement.

But seasonal allergies are no longer a problem for us. 

The uncomfortable symptoms, the fatigue, and aggravation that go with allergies just aren't issues anymore.

That's because we've had great success dealing with our seasonal allergies by using therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil.

The therapeutic properties of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) have been known for thousands of years. . .  but lavender's use to support the immune system -- and promote overall health in our time -- has only recently been rediscovered.

Therapeutic-grade lavender oil must be distinguished
from fragrance or food-grade essential oils found in retail
stores.  This is because only a quality therapeutic-grade
lavender can bring you safe and effective allergy relief.

We've used Young Living's Lavender Essential Oil now for a few years, and have applied it in several ways to put our irritating allergy symptoms behind us.  

These approaches include:

  • diffusing lavender at bedside while sleeping
  • applying lavender to the soles of the feet
  • rubbing lavender on the face after washing
  • taking lavender orally in capsules

Each of these methods have brought great results.  And these results have come so quickly and easily, too.

A couple of my sons – and husband – for example, used to have a terrible time mowing the lawn at certain times of year.  They just couldn't stand the itching of their throat, eyes, and skin that went along with this chore.

Since using the lavender oil, the allergic reactions are gone. . .  and I no longer have to watch them suffer!

A Natural Anti-Histamine That Works

Why is it that lavender works so well? 

Because it's a natural anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory. . .  which is exactly what you want to safely and effectively conquer your seasonal allergies.

When you are exposed to allergy inducing grasses or pollen, your body responds by producing histamine, which leads to a whole range of allergy symptoms as it causes cells in your nose and throat to swell and leak fluid. 

By taking an anti-histamine – preferably before exposure to allergens – receptor sites in your cells are able to resist the binding of histamine, sparing you the symptoms you find so uncomfortable.

There are, of course, many anti-histamines on the market. But these don't always work.  And even if they do, they usually make the user drowsy... not something you want to experience for any length of time.

But Young Living's therapeutic-grade lavender is different.   It's entirely natural.  It's a strong anti-histamine.  And, there are no negative side-effects. 

Plus, as an additional benefit, it has a wonderful, soothing aroma.

It's because of qualities like these, Young Living's Lavender Essential Oil has become our number one choice for dealing with seasonal allergies.

And it has for others, too. . .

Last spring, as every spring, I got a bad pollen allergy.
I usually take any kind of antihistamine over-the counter or
prescription meds to stop the symptoms, but I decided to
use lavender for a change. I filled 1/2 of 00 capsule with
lavender and the rest with V6 (vegetable oil) and ingested
it. Before that I had very bad sinuses, a runny nose, and
sneezing. 5 minutes after taking the lavender capsule, I had
no sinus trouble, runny nose or sneezing. I didn’t even have
to take any more meds or lavender capsules.  Just one did it!

~ Akiko B.

I have not been able to mow or weedeat for years due to
seasonal allergies.  I persuaded my husband to let me weedeat
the yard – knowing how I am sick for days after doing anything
like this – just to help out.  I thought to put a few drops
of lavender on my hands and rub them all over my face right as
I was going out the door.   I had NO REACTION at all.  I have
not been able to do lawn work for years and have missed it.

~ Aimee P.

I had been on Nasonex spray and Zyrtec-D for my allergies
for several years and the summer of 2009, the Nasonex was
giving me headaches and the 12 hour Zyrtec-D gave me relief
for about 2 hours so I called you! :) Within 7 days of using
peppermint to decongest and lavender as an antihistamine, I
threw my meds away. The summer of 2010, I found if I inhaled
lavender as soon as I woke up and then diffused it at night I
was pretty good to go with just an occasional need for more
lavender. Then, in 2011 I didn't experience allergy symptoms
at all - my own little miracle.

~ Diane L.

Enjoy The Beauty of the Season. . .
Instead of Wishing it Would Hurry Up and Go Away


Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy spring again? Or fall?

It's possible with a bottle of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil...  

I want to mention as well that I'm aware of people who have also have benefited from lavender for pet allergies.

One of our sons used to always come home from his friend's house with full sinuses and itchy eyes due to the friend's cat.  Once we started applying the lavender, this was no longer a problem.

So, whether it's for a pet allergy, or common seasonal allergies to grass or pollen, you may want to give Young Living's therapeutic-grade lavender oil a try.

Just click the bottle to the right to order a bottle now.

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