About Fragrance Oils

The other night while watching a Hallmark movie I noticed something.

I noticed that there was an ad for some kind of a diffuser that came with fragrance essential oils.

I've seen ads like this in other places as well.

And I'm not surprised that fragrance essential oils are being promoted these days... since there's a lot of interest in fragrances...

Plus, fragrance grade oils are cheaper to produce than quality therapeutic-grade essential oils.

There are, of course, some things in common between fragrance oils and therapeutic oils... the primary one being that they both produce aromas!

But there are some things about fragrance oils you should be aware of... especially since they're so popular.

Reasons to be Concerned About Fragrance Oils

Here are the main things to be concerned about:

1. They are synthetic (i.e., artificial)

2. They may clog or confuse the receptor sites of cells

3. They can have a depressing effect on the immune system

4. They can lead to headaches and stuffiness

5. They may cause dizziness or other side effects

In contrast, quality therapeutic-grade essential oils are natural... tend to cleanse the receptor sites of cells... support wellness... and have no side effects.

So there's really a big difference between fragrance grade oils and therapeutic grade oils.

And I thought this was worth pointing out... since fragrance oils are being promoted so heavily these days.

It's easy to assume if something smells good or has 'essential oils' in its name that it must be quality stuff.

But such is often not the case.

So always be aware of what you're buying in this area.

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