Get to Know Our Community

Family Essential Oils is a community of essential oil users.

We come from all kinds of backgrounds and situations, but we share one thing in common...

We all use essential oils – and various other products – from Young Living Essential Oils... to create a wellness lifestyle for ourselves and our families!

The value of our community is that we provide mutual encouragement, support, and suggestions as we pursue our health and wellness goals together.

In other words... we give practical help to one another!

A primary way we connect is through our private Facebook group... but we also make plenty of contact via email, Skype or Zoom... and good old-fashioned phone calls.

And... as the photo above shows... some of us do what we can to get together in person as well!

I should add, too... many meaningful friendships have been developed through our community. We really are like a family!

We'd love to have you join us as we incorporate essential oils in our lifestyles together.

All you need to do is become a member of Young Living Essential Oils... through Family Essential Oils... which you can do on our order page.

Once you have your membership, we'll get you access to all the resources available to you!

See What Our Members Are Saying...

To give you a better feel for our community, I'd like to introduce you to just a few of our members, so you can see what they have to say...

“I love how essential oils can help support my family's wellness. We are able to keep healthy and live abundant lives using all Young Living has to offer. The name is true of Family Essential Oils, too... it's a family, and I've been blessed to learn so much being a part of this wonderful group of people!"

~ Morgan D.

"I was introduced to Young Living when we were expecting our first child. We were making a lot of healthy lifestyle changes at the time. YL fit perfectly, helping us take a clean, natural approach to care for our family.

Our now 4 kids each have their own diffusers and each have their own oils they like best. They have a good idea if they get a little run down which oil they prefer to help them through.

I love being able to look to Family Essential Oils for advice and to share our own personal experiences.

It is peace of mind knowing we are using something safe in our home for air freshness, cleaning and personal products.

It can be a bit overwhelming with how many amazing products there are to try. We all started with our starter kits and have grown from there. Always learning and sharing. It's a great community."

~ Carrie F.

"As a mom with young kids, I'm always looking for natural ways to make sure they're feeling their best. But finding the right products can be hard to accomplish! Then I found Young Living. Finally! Something safe to use with my babies and young children. I no longer need to feel stuck anymore when it comes to caring for them in a chemical free way. Not only that, I'm always getting ideas to support the wellness of my family through the Family Essential Oils community. It's a great place to be for moms who are at a loss when it comes to caring for their young children in our toxic world.”

~ Heather J.

"I was introduced to YL oils when I purchased the YL starter kit in 2016 from a vendor at my daughter's gymnastics meet. As a Physical Therapist and Pilates instructor, I was initially attracted to how the oils could support our musculoskeletal systems. Little did I know when I purchased this starter kit that it is a springboard into an entire lifestyle! 

My starter kit purchase was life-changing to say the least.  By purchasing Young Living oils I am now a part of a network of wellness-seekers who graciously share their knowledge and experience with each other.  You don't find that when you purchase your oils at a brick and mortar store!  

Also, I was lucky enough to purchase my starter kit from a Family Essential Oils member. The resources that Family Essential Oils has to offer are abundant.  A key to my personal YLEO education has been the Family Essential Oils member website. The starter videos gave me the foundation I needed to confidently begin using my essential oils. The webinars are a great way to delve deeper into the world of essential oils once you have established your foundation.  And the webinar information was mind-blowing to me as a new EO user.  

The relationships I have formed with Family Essential Oils members are an unexpected gift. I only wish I had been introduced to this lifestyle sooner!

Thanks to Young Living and the educational support of the FEO family I now am integrating essential oils into the daily life of my family.  It feels good as a wife and mother to know that I am decreasing our exposure to toxins.  YLEO allow us to support our body's systems that way God intended-with the natural gifts that have been surrounding us all along. I am so grateful to Young Living and FEO for opening my eyes (and nose!) to all of these beautiful God-given gifts! “ 

~ Elizabeth O.

“We absolutely love using Young Living essential oils to better the health and wellness of our family of five. We started in February of 2014 and can't believe how these amazing essential oils have changed our lives! We are also so thankful for the help and support that Family Essential Oils offers us. Life with Young Living Essential Oils is better!”

~ Rayna W.

"About 10 years ago my husband and I stumbled upon one of the greatest blessings in our lives today, Young Living.  There is not a single day that our family of six does not come in contact with numerous YL products – from oils to toothpaste, and many supplements in between... And I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely amazing YL oil's are throughout pregnancy... in the delivery room, for postpartum support, calming, and protecting your infant's developing system." 

Robbin W.

Ever since our baby arrived, purity in our products has been of the upmost importance. I am so thankful for Young Living's Thieves cleaning line! We have completely switched out all harsh cleaners filled with harmful chemicals and switched to Thieves! The Laundry Soap will rock your world! Trust me, it's a product line that will change your life!

Kristen V.

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