"You can change what you can control"

Well today's my birthday.

And like so many of life's changes, nothing can be done about it!

Think about all the changes we face...

Kids grow up and move out...

Your body goes through changes as you age...

New, unexpected demands on your time come your way...

... And there's nothing you can do about it.

... PLUS, the changes these things involve can be hard to deal with.

But here's what's encouraging...

You Can Affect Your Lifestyle

Changes to your lifestyle ARE something you can control.

... and the shifts you make here make all the difference in the kind of life you live!

For example...

YOU can control whether you exercise consistently.

YOU can control what you eat.

YOU can control how you handle stress and emotionally charged situations.

And you can control so many other areas that influence the kind of life you live as well.

And when you work to control these areas that are actually under your control, your life is BETTER!

Essential Oils and Change

I know...

Controlling what's under our control is easier said the done.

But here's something I've discovered over the past ten years...

ALL of the areas that I want to manage can be done so much easier with the use of my therapeutic-grade essential oils.


... They even help with things like creating the kind of home environment I want... and helping me to grow spiritually.

So, yes... I've got another birthday.

And I can't control that.

But that's not gonna stop me from controlling what I can control.

And I hope the changes in life you can't control won't stop you from controlling the things in life you can.

And to help out all those who have not yet gotten started with essential oils, I have a special offer for you:

Order a Premium Starter Kit today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday) and you will also receive a free bottle of Christmas Spirit blend (5 ml) and orange essential oil (15 ml). 

These make great choices for diffusing over the holidays!

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