Do your genes have your
future health set in stone?

We've heard it for many years...

"Your risk of certain health conditions is greatly influenced by your family history and your genes."

No one debates that...

But does this mean your future health is predetermined and set in stone?

Not according to recent findings in the field of epigenetics.

Epigenetics Research

According to research in epigenetics -- which literally means 'control above genetics' -- the expression of the DNA in our cells is NOT fixed at birth...

... it is affected by a wide variety of outside influences.

This means -- as biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton puts it -- "genes are not destiny!"

Rather, our genes can be modified by factors such our environment, diet, stress and emotions.*

The role these factors play regarding health and well-being has already been widely accepted health researchers and professionals...

But the fact that these variables can actually control our genes -- much like an off/on switch -- is a relatively new and exciting finding!

The Hope of Epigenetics

Now... I'm still learning about this, but this information about epigenetics alone is worth passing on.

So many people look at their family history and think they're doomed...

They think that since a parent or grandparent had such and such a problem, that they're destined to as well.

But the science of epigenetics gives reason for hope.

And it also provides us good reason to take good care of ourselves... knowing that our genes are influenced by so many environmental factors...

... Many of which we can have some control ourselves!

Epigenetics and Essential Oils

As I've been learning about epigenetics, I can't help but wonder too...

Is one of the reasons essential oils are such a support to good health is because they provide the kind of physical, mental, and emotional help our body systems -- including our genes -- need to function at their best?

There is good reason to think so...

It's already believed, according to Dr. David Stewart, that essential oils are able to deeply affect human cells by:

  • cleansing receptor sites to assure quality transfer of hormones, peptides, neurotransmitters and other messengers among cells
  • deprogramming bad information by way of sesquiterpenes which may play a role in erasing incorrect cellular information
  • and reprogramming correct information to assure RNA and DNA is properly programmed

If essential oils, indeed, are able to influence at such a subcellular level, it's certainly plausible that they would be a significant influence upon genes... since we now know from epigenetics that external influence on genes does take place.

I look forward to learning more about the relationship between essential oils and epigenetics... and I will update this page as I acquire more information.

In the meantime, I'll continual to marvel over the role essential oils have had in promoting health and well-being for literally thousands of years.

* The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PhD

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