Essential Oils and Supplements

Millions of Americans take vitamins, minerals, and other supplements every day. And they do so for good reasons. 

Because our soil is often depleted, our food commonly lacks the vitamins and minerals we need.  Supplements can help supply what's missing in our diet.

The use of supplements can also help give the body what it needs to restore itself, make up for deficient eating habits, improve the overall functioning of the body, and contribute to greater longevity.

But not all supplements are the same.  Many supplements available today are not properly absorbed, so they simply pass through the body and are excreted.  As a result, they do you little good and end up wasting your money.

It's at this point essential oils can make a tremendous difference.

How Essential Oils Enhance Supplements

Because essential oil molecules are so small, they have the ability to penetrate cell walls readily.  This makes supplements infused with essential oils capable of being more readily absorbed than those without.  In this way, you are able to get the maximum benefit from your supplements.  

Supplements infused with essential oils can be hard to find.  But it's this added difference that makes me want to use supplements that have the essential oil advantage.

Many people, for example, take a fish oil supplement to support heart, brain, eye, and joint health.  But these supplements can be made even stronger when they incorporate essential oils.

Also, you are probably aware of the variety of nutritional beverages and berry drinks on the market today.  What you may not be aware of is that you can actually get one of these drinks infused with essential oils.  

When supplements are infused with essential oils, they tend to be assimilated by the body more quickly than ordinary supplements.  This leads to faster results.  

For this reason, it is better to space your supplements throughout the day, rather than take them all at once as a “one-a-day.”  This way the advantage that essential oil-infused supplements bring can be experienced throughout the day.

Because of the way essential oils deliver nutrients to the cells and remove cellular waste, it's those supplements that are infused with essential oils that I choose to use, as much as possible.  

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