How to Drink More Water

Plenty of good water is essential to your well-being.  

That's because your body is made up of approximately 60% water.  

And certain areas of your body contain even higher percentages...

Your brain is at 70% water... your lungs -- nearly 90%... and your muscles are made up of about 75% water.

So if you want your brain, lungs and muscles to work well, you need to stay hydrated!

And since your body continually loses water as you breathe, perspire and urinate, you have to keep re-hydrating yourself.

Beyond keeping our body's water composition up for it's normal functioning, adequate water intake also acts to cleanse and oxygenate the body.  

Drinking enough good water is one of the best -- and easiest -- things you can do to promote your overall health.  

To meet our body's water needs, we need to consume approximately half of our body weight in ounces each day.  So, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should be drinking 70 ounces—or close to 9 glasses—of water per day.

Dehydration:  A Common Problem

Many people have a hard time getting all the water they need.  This is particularly the case with those who consume coffee or soda, which tends to deplete the body of water and dehydrate it.

People also can have a hard time drinking sufficient water because the water they have access to tastes bad.  This is something I struggled with for years.  

When I grew up, the water at our house tasted terrible.  Because the water tasted so bad, I ignored drinking it as much as I could.  This created a pattern of water avoidance that was not good, and eventually my body became extremely dehydrated.

Fortunately, essential oils have helped me get this problem straightened out.  That's because of the way essential oils can naturally freshen and enhance the flavor of water.

Using Essential Oils With Drinking Water 

Today, I have no problem getting all the water I need.

Here's how I do it. . .

Every morning I put a drop or two of an essential oil like lemon in a 32 ounce glass bottle. Then I fill the bottle with filtered water.  I often choose lemon because it tastes great, and it's inexpensive too.  When the 32 ounce water bottle is empty—usually by early afternoon—I repeat the process. And it's in this way I get my daily requirement of water.

Besides serving to keep yourself well-hydrated, adding essential oils to your drinking water can be a support to different systems of the body as well.

Peppermint, for example, has long been known as an effective digestive aid... and adding a little to your water can help soothe your stomach.  

I should mention here, too... a little peppermint in the water is a fantastic way to cool down the body.

I also have an essential oil blend called Di-Gize that is a wonderful support to your digestive system... and it's something I don't leave home without.

Finally, some studies have shown that the presence of the compound d-limonene in citrus oils has some real health benefits as well. So in addition to lemon oil, I also occasionally use grapefruit, orange, lime, and tangerine oils in my water.

Please note: It's best to avoid plastic water bottles and use glass, glass-lined, or stainless steel bottles for your drinking water.  That's because essential oils have the ability to break down the petrochemicals in plastic, causing them to leach into your drinking water.  

So... to make sure you're getting all the water you need, try incorporating some therapeutic-grade essential oils. Just be sure you are using a safe drinking container.

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