How to Freshen Throw Pillows

I love my boys.

All six of them.

(Well, seven -- if you count my husband.)

But you know... as much as I love them... boys are hard on things.

I was reminded of this the other night while sitting on our family room couch.

I noticed that the throw pillows on the couch had a smell to them...

... kind of like a gym... or workout clothes.

The good news though...

I've got a great way to freshen up stinky pillows.

All I do is put the pillows in a big plastic bag - like a garbage bag - and add a cotton ball or two with a few drops of an essential oil that's known for its freshening power. 

Then I keep the bag closed up tight for a day or so.

It's fantastic how this works!

It's easy on the pillow's fabric... and they come out smelling great.

... Just be sure the cotton balls do not come in direct contact with the pillow... to protect them from any possibility of staining.

By the way... this certainly works to freshen bed pillows, too.

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