Irma's stench... and what it reminded me about diffusing essential oils

A couple weeks ago our family experienced our first major hurricane.

Boy, I'm glad that's over!

Thankfully, we fared alright...

But I have to admit, when Irma's eye wall went through our town – packing 85 mph winds with 115 mph gusts – it was a harrowing experience!

Fortunately, once the hurricane passed, we were able to see our damage was relatively minimal.

Yet there was still the aftermath to deal with.

The power was out. There was a lot of standing water. Fallen trees and branches were everywhere.

Garbage pickup was long overdue.

There were some dead animal smells outside, too... from squirrels that were blown out of their nests in the palm trees.

And all the humans at our house needed a shower... and some clothes washed!

All combined, Irma left quite a stench!!

That's why the first thing I did when our power came back on was to run our essential oil diffusers.

The blends Purification, Citrus Fresh, and peppermint, were the main oils I used.

And thanks to them, our house was smelling clean and wonderful again in practically no time.

Hurricane Irma left a lot to be desired.

But she reminded me of one thing:

Running an essential oil diffuser is thee best way to take care of bad smells, in my book.

And it does more than just mask unpleasant aromas. It does away with them by breaking their stinking molecules down!

And you know what?

You don't need to suffer through a hurricane to benefit from diffusing essential oils.

Diffusing oils is ideal for any scenario where you want to clean up the air... and make it smell so good you'll want to breathe in deeply.

Do you have your own diffuser yet?

One is included with the Premium Starter Kit I recommend.

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