The Japanese car maker's secret
to better health

If you're old enough, you might remember that cars made in Japan used to be considered junk.

But late in the 70s things began to change... and today Japanese autos dominate the U.S. car market.

So what changed? And how did the quality of Japanese cars improve so much?

Here's the answer...

Japanese car makers implemented a philosophy of small, gradual improvements known as kaizen.

The idea behind kaizen is that by just improving a tiny amount each day, soon you will get big results.

Well... this worked.

And now we see cars made by Toyota, Honda and Nissan everywhere!

But here's the thing...

This approach of little incremental improvements isn't just the secret to making better cars.

It's also the secret to better health.

If you just focus on making miniscule improvements in your health habits --  one day at a time -- eventually you're going to find yourself in much better shape.

Here's an example of how little the daily changes can be... 

Let's say you need to drink more water...

So start on day one by getting yourself a water bottle (stainless steel or glass-lined).

Then on day two begin taking that empty bottle with you wherever you go.

On day three, fill the water bottle up half way.

Day four, drink the half-filled bottle of water throughout the day.

Day five, fill the bottle three-quarter of the way, and drink throughout the day.

You get the idea...

And you keep doing this until you are drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water per day... which is the recommend amount of water we should be drinking.

Now... this may seem overly simple.

But the point is... it's effective.

And you can take the same incremental approach to build other health habits too...

Covering areas such as: sleep, exercise, stress management, and reduced exposure to toxins.

The key is to make very small changes, one day at a time.

Baby steps.

That's what makes it easy. And that's what makes the changes stick.

One more thing...

By incorporating essential oils, the health habits you are trying to create can stick even better...

Essential oils can be a great support to anyone seeking to establish all sorts of habits for better health...

Because the oils are able to help you break through barriers and make the process of habit change more enjoyable.

I really encourage you to put this philosophy into action. Pick just one health habit, and one small step you can take to start building that habit today.

And if you want the added support of essential oils, a Premium Starter Kit is a great way to go.

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