Time to 'Switch and Ditch'

Now that spring cleaning time is here, a lot of people are practicing what's called "switch and ditch."

Have you heard of it?

Switch and ditch is simply switching to chemical-free household cleaners while ditching your older products that are loaded with toxins.

The big benefit of switching and ditching is that it reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals in the home.

With all the dangers connected to common household cleaners these days, this makes a lot of sense.

And it's easy to do, too!

Here's one example that can make a huge difference:

Start using a household cleaning solution we have available that contains essential oils.

This chemical-free, all-purpose cleaner can be safely used for:

- counter tops

- cupboards

- stoves and ovens

- floors, sinks

- tubs and showers

- toilets

- washers and dryers

- baseboards

- windows and window sills

- tile and grout

- patio furniture

- mini-blinds

- diaper pails

- changing table, toys

- and a whole lot more!

Personally, I like this household cleaner so well that I have a premixed spray bottle with it in my kitchen, laundry room, garage, and every bathroom in the house.

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