Vita Flex

One very effective way to apply essential oils is through the use of the Vita Flex Technique.  

This technique is a specialized form of massage of the feet or hands.  It utilizes a complete network of reflex points that – when stimulated – release electrical charges through the body's nerve pathways to optimize the body's functioning.

Vita Flex is performed by rolling and releasing the finger tips forward and backward over the desired reflex point.  This motion is to be applied with medium pressure moving the finger tips over a point three times and moving around that point in a similar fashion until the whole area is covered.

Vita Flex and Essential Oils

When this technique is applied with essential oils, it can be extremely powerful. 

We have used Vita Flex to support the body in a variety of ways. And it is especially useful when you desire to bring the benefits of essential oils to a specific area of the body.

When I first learned of this technique and the way it uses the electrical system of the body, I was skeptical.  But after learning more about the important place that electrical energy has when it comes to good health, my mind was opened. 

And, as I observed the good results that this approach to applying essential oils can bring, I became a believer.  

Like the Raindrop Technique, it is not difficult to learn and apply.

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