Exercise and Essential Oils

Exercise has many benefits...

People exercise to stay fit, control their weight, provide energy, lift their mood, experience enjoyment, increase longevity, and boost their immune system.

I like exercise for all these reasons, and I have a hard time going more than a day without the physical exertion that exercise provides.

And with the addition of essential oils, I find exercise even more worthwhile. So much so, my oils have become a regular companion to my morning exercise routine.

I first experienced the power of essential oils in conjunction with exercise at a large-group yoga activity I attended.  At this event, a variety of oils were used to intensify the effects of the exercise we were doing, and they really did make a difference.  

Now I enjoy the advantage that essential oils bring as I exercise at home.

Applications for Exercise

There are a number of ways essential oils can enhance anyone's exercise experience.

One simple application is to put a drop or two of a favorite essential oil under the nose, and on the neck and chest.  This allows you to benefit from the aromatic power of essential oils directly as you exert yourself and breathe deeply.

The oil I choose to use during exercise depends.  If I'm a bit down, I might apply a citrus oil or the blend called Joy.  If I'm tired, some peppermint will often help to stimulate and awaken me.  Sometimes I use an oil I like just to encourage deep breathing.  

Lately I've been enjoying the blend En-R-Gee, and also Hong Kuai while I do yoga.

Essential oils can help exercise be more effective in that they help to balance the body energetically and provide overall strength.  The blend called Valor is noted for these benefits.  

When I want to balance my body's energy, all I do is put some Valor on my wrists and hold them together for a minute or so.  This helps give me the strength and balance I need for a better workout.

Applications for Recovery

Another advantage the right essential oils bring your way when you exercise is that they help your muscles recover.  

Wintergreen has long been used for this purpose, and the use of pure wintergreen essential oil can be very stimulating and invigorating after a workout.

And, if you are experiencing normal muscle aches, oils like balsam fir, as well as blends called Deep Relief, PanAway, and Cool Azul can be soothing.

There's even a Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream available... for when you have extra sore muscles.

One of the little extras I like about essential oils is that they help me stick with my exercise program. 

Not only do they make exercise more enjoyable, but I can rely on them to boost my performance and optimize my body systems as they recover from working out.

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